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Boostee s'envole

Boostee s'envole

Boostee est lancé, radio, télé. Cette collaboration dure et gagne en vue!

Retrouvez le sur,

Retrouvez les clips sur Youtube, "Feel Alone" et "Pop Corn"

A découvrir ! Hadja Be - Bomanga

A découvrir ! Hadja Be  - Bomanga

Stay tuned! d'autres perles verrons le jour...

Boostee EP Rêve de Gamin

Boostee EP Rêve de Gamin

EP 6 Titres à retrouver - Infos Des titres a écouter dans la rubrique "media" du site.

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Echoplex, Space Echo & the History of Delay

 One of my favorite effects to use and listen to is tape-based delay. Nowadays it's much more common to send out to a digital delay hardware device or plug-in, and these tools certainly have their advantages such as ease of accurate time adjustment, repeatability and signal preservation. But there was a...

Manley Massive Passive, l'Inimitable

Manley Massive Passive, l'Inimitable

 The Manley brand has been synonymous with no-compromise, outboard recording equipment since its beginnings in the late ‘80s in the old Vacuum Tube Logic of America building. In 1993, Manley Laboratories Inc. became a separate entity apart from VTL and took up residence in its own, new factory located in...

The History of EMT and Reverb

The History of EMT and Reverb

 There has always been a bit of controversy over reverb—particularly artificial reverb. Some purists still avoid it like the plague, while others embrace it as yet another creative tool in the audio engineer's palette. But let's backtrack to a time before digital devices, plates, and even chambers to the...

Boostee Feel Alone
par Boostee
Genre : DanceFloor HipHop